Food Recipes: How To Make Crispy Cheese Almond Cake Easily

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Food Recipes: How To Make Crispy Cheese Almond Cake Easily
Food Recipes: How To Make Crispy Cheese Almond Cake Easily/ Pinterest


Pastries are one type of food that is favored by many people. Making cookies is very easy and doesn't take long. There are so many types of pastries that we can make, one of which is crispy almond cake.

Almond crispy cheesecake is a very famous dish because of its delicious taste that makes everyone addicted. This time we will make almond crispy cake easily.

Here Matajateng has summarized how to make a crispy almond cake, including:


- 150 gr egg white

- 100 grams of powdered sugar

- 100 gr wheat flour

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- 1 tsp vanilla

- 100 gr butter (melted)

- Almonds (to taste)

- Grated cheese

How to make:

1. Prepare a container, add egg whites and powdered sugar and mix the dough until it expands

2. Sieve the flour and add it to the mixture. After that, stir until evenly distributed

3. If the dough is evenly distributed, add the vanilla, melted butter. then stir again until combined

4. Prepare the baking paper, take a tablespoon of the dough and then pour it on the baking paper. After that flatten the dough until it forms a round and thin. Do this activity until the dough runs out.

5. After the dough is all flattened, add almonds with grated cheese on top

6. Put it in the oven with a temperature of 100-110 degrees Celsius for about 25 minutes.

7. After 25 minutes, remove the dough and remove the dough from the parchment paper

8. Crispy almond cheesecake is ready to be enjoyed. (NL)

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