Food Recipes: How To Make Tofu Egg Rolls Easily

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Food Recipes: How To Make Tofu Egg Rolls Easily
Food Recipes: How To Make Tofu Egg Rolls Easily/ Pinterest


Tofu is one of the food ingredients that has a good taste and the price is cheap. Although cheap, tofu also has benefits for the body. Not only that, many people choose tofu as a food menu because it is easy to make. Tofu can also be made into various food menus, one of which is Tofu Egg Roll.

Surely everyone has tasted the Tofu Egg Roll because this food is one of the food menus in famous restaurants. This food is considered a healthy food because it is made using tofu and vegetables.

Here Matajateng has summarized how to make Tofu Egg Roll easily, including:

Material contents:

- 700 gr tofu

- Green onions to taste

- Carrots to taste (grated using a carrot knife)

- 1/2 teaspoon salt

- 1/2 teaspoon pepper powder

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- 1 teaspoon of flavoring

- 1 teaspoon garlic powder

- 6 tablespoons of wheat flour

- 1 teaspoon sugar (for those who like it sweet)

leather material:

- 3 eggs

- Salt to taste

- Adequate flavoring

- 9 tablespoons of wheat flour

- 150 ml of water

How to make:

1. Put the tofu into the container, then crush the tofu until it has a soft texture

2. After the tofu is crushed, add the scallions, carrots, salt, ground pepper, flavoring, and garlic powder and stir until evenly distributed

3. Add the flour into the tofu mixture and sugar and stir again until evenly distributed

4. For making the skin: Prepare a container, add eggs, salt and flavorings, and beat until evenly distributed. Add the flour to the egg mixture then add the water and stir until evenly distributed. Sieve the dough for making your skin for maximum results

5. Turn on the low heat and prepare the Teflon. Take a spoon of vegetable skin dough, then pour the dough into Teflon and shake the Teflon so that the dough is round like Teflon. do this until the skin dough runs out.

6. Prepare the dough skin, then add the tofu dough into the top of the skin and roll it into a roll. To glue it, use the remaining egg yolk. Do this until the tofu dough and skin are used up.

7. After all the dough becomes a roll, steam for 20 minutes

8. Cut sideways the dough roll that has been steamed, then fry until brown

9. Tofu Egg Roll is ready to be enjoyed. (NL)

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