Sam Poo Kong Temple, a Tourist Place With Historical Traces

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Sam Poo Kong Temple, a Tourist Place With Historical Traces
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A temple is a place of worship for Chinese believers. Some regions in Indonesia call the pagoda the term Tokong because it is taken from the sound of the bell ringing when holding a ceremony. Semarang has a unique temple and is certainly curious to visit, namely the Sam Poo Kong Temple.

Sam Poo Kong Temple keeps traces of Admiral Cheng Ho's history. That said, this place was used as the first landing site by a Chinese Muslim admiral named Cheng Ho, but not all of his men were Muslim. In 1416, the admiral will make a voyage on the island of Java with his troops. But the journey of the admiral and his troops had to stop in a cave to rest because the helmsman named Wang Jing Ho was seriously ill. After Wang Jing Ho recovered, Admiral Cheng Ho decided to return to his homeland but the helmsman did not come. In 1417 Wang Jing Ho built a statue of Admiral Cheng Ho to commemorate his kindness and wisdom.

Sam Poo Kong Temple is not just a house of worship, but this place is also used as a tourist destination that has very high historical value. So that tourists who come to this place will get knowledge about the Sang Poo Kong Temple. This tourist destination offers a variety of Instagramable photo spots so that tourists who come to this place don't forget to capture beautiful moments.

For tourists who want to take pictures like they are in China, don't worry, you can rent Chinese traditional clothes at a very affordable cost, only Rp. 100,000. Besides taking pictures and wearing traditional clothes, tourists can also enter the stone cave that was once the headquarters of Admiral Cheon Ho. Sam Poo Kong Temple has become one of the historic tourist destinations in Semarang that must be visited because there is so much beauty in this place.

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This tourist spot is located on Jl. Simongan Raya, No. 129 Bongsari, Semarang, Central Java. The route that must be taken by tourists is very easy because this place is not far from Semarang City Center. For tourists who come from the Simpang Lima Semarang direction, you must direct the vehicle to the Simpang Lima Semarang. After arriving at Simpang Lima, turn right through the Veteran road (take the roundabout direction) to arrive at RSUD Dr. Kariadi. After that, tourists must turn left and follow the road until they reach the bridge. After the bridge, you will find Sang Poo Kong Temple on the left side of the road.

The costs incurred to come to this place are very affordable, including:

1. Weekday entrance ticket Rp. 5,000

2. Weekend entrance ticket Rp. 10,000

3. Rent Chinese Clothes Rp. 100,000

4. Pass ticket (praying area) Rp. 20,000

The facilities in this place are very complete, including:

- Parking area

- Photo spots

- Souvenir shop

- Food stalls

- Toilet (NL)

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