Enjoying Exciting Rides in Dusun Semilir While Taking Pictures

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Enjoying Exciting Rides in Dusun Semilir While Taking Pictures
Enjoying Exciting Rides in Dusun Semilir While Taking Pictures/ Pinterest


When it comes to tourism, there will be no end, because there are so many tourist attractions in Semarang that have not been explored. Semarang is an area that has a variety of tourist attractions that are not boring. Tourists who come to the city of Semarang, of course, will be confused about which tourist attractions to visit because all the places make them curious. One of the tourist attractions in Semarang that has beautiful views and good photo spots is Dusun Semilir.

Dusun Semilir is one of the tourist attractions that take the architectural concept of Borobudur Temple. Tourists who like the beautiful natural atmosphere, then Dusun Semilir is the right choice because this place is famous for blending with nature. The location of this tourist destination is very strategic because it is located on Jl. Soekarno Hatta No. 49 Bawen, Semarang. This tourist spot starts operating from 09.00-19.00.


This Dusun Semilir tourist destination has various photo spots that are Instagramable and not boring, therefore a lot of tourists capture the moment in this place. Each photo spot in this place has a different theme, including the European Square. This European square has colorful nuances like being in Europe. Especially if tourists enjoy the European atmosphere while rowing a boat on the river, making the atmosphere even more pleasant.

As for Alas Tirta, which presents the concept of nature filled with tropical forest plants. For tourists who want to take pictures of the lake, you can choose the Banyu Biru photo spot which presents a bohemian lake complete with a fountain that makes this lake even more beautiful and many other photo spots are no less cool. Tourists can also try the rides in this place, including the rainbow slide and the train.

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Besides having many photo spots and fun rides, this tourist spot also has Indonesian Heritage and Indonesian Snacks as a place to shop for souvenirs. If tourists want to enjoy the typical culinary of Dusun Semilir, don't worry because this place provides Mount Restaurant and Sepoi Sepoi as a place for culinary relaxation.

Route and Location

The route to Dusun Semilir Eco Park is very easy. For tourists who start the journey from the Bawen toll exit, tourists just turn right towards the main Semarang road about 1.5 Km. After that, you will find Dusun Semilir on the left side of the road.

Ticket Prices and Facilities

The cost to enter this place is very affordable and for babies, there is no need to pay for a ticket. Dusun Semilir ticket prices include:

1. Entrance ticket for children Rp. 15,000

2. Adult entrance ticket Rp. 20,000

3. BTS Package Rp. 25,000 (get free chicken rice)

4. Tickets Rp. 35,000 (enjoy slides and trains)

The facilities in Dusun Semilir are also quite complete, including:

- Mosque

- Toilet

- Parking area

- Homestay or lodging (NL)

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