Ambarawa Railway Museum, A Place to See Ancient Railway Collections

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Ambarawa Railway Museum, A Place to See Ancient Railway Collections
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The museum is one of the historical tourist attractions that educates and certainly has a variety of unique collections. Visiting museums is one way to learn while on vacation because tourists will not only get pleasure, they will also gain new knowledge when visiting museums. There are so many museums in Indonesia, this makes foreign tourists who come to Indonesia don't forget to take the time to come to historical places. One of the must-visit museums in the Ambarawa Railway Museum, located in Semarang.

Previously, the Ambarawa Railway Museum was just an ordinary train station, but over time, this place was converted into the first railway museum in Indonesia. This museum was first inaugurated on May 21, 1873 by Nedherlandsch Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij (NISM) along with the opening of the Kedungjati-Ambarawa crossing. This development is a requirement that must be met by NISM in order to obtain a concession permit for the construction of the first Semarang-Vorstenlanden (Solo-Yogyakarta) railway line.


The Ambarawa Railway Museum stores many ancient relics, one of which is a collection of ancient steam locomotives. There are so many types of locomotives here, including locomotives numbered B2502, B 2503, and B 5112. In addition, there are also series B, C, D locomotives to the largest type, namely CC. In this museum, there is also a ticket-making machine in ancient times created by Thomas Edmunson in 1840. In addition, this museum also has a train clapper machine, train bells, telegraphs, telephones from time to time, and also the whistles of railroad officers.

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Every holiday, tourists can feel the sensation of riding a train with the route taken by Ambarawa-Bedono (pp) with a distance of 35 km. And Ambarawa-Tuntang (pp) with a distance of 7 km. The journey you take will not be boring because every trip you take is visible to the charms of Mount Merbabu, Ungaran, and Tolomoyo. The classic design of the place makes this place a photo spot by tourists.

Location and Route

The Ambarawa Railway Museum has a very strategic location because it is located on Jl. Station, Jl. Panjang Kidul No.1, Semarang, Central Java. The route that must be taken to get to this place is very easy.

Ticket Prices and Facilities

The Ambarawa Railway Museum starts operating from 08:00 to 16:00. Tourists who want to come to this place do not need to pay expensive fees, the following costs must be incurred, including:

1. Child ticket 3-12 years Rp. 5,000/ person

2. Adult ticket Rp. 10,000/ person

3. Tickets for foreign tourists Rp. 10,000/ person

4. Student ticket Rp. 5,000/ person

5. Train ticket Rp. 70.000/ person

The facilities at the Ambarawa Railway Museum are very complete, including:

- Parking area

- Toilet

- Mosque

- Restaurant. (NL)

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